Florian Picasso

Together with The Workshop, we were approached to create a new visual identity for the electronic music scene’s new rising star DJ Florian Picasso, Pablo Picasso’s great grandson.

Up until then, he was using the lengendary painter’s signature. The goal was to redefine his image without ignoring the family’s cultural inheritance. We turned ourselves towards Pablo’s analytic cubist period for inspiration. Pablo’s paintings were full of structure, the predominant shape being a square. We thought to ourselves: Florian art isn’t about structure, it’s about energy. If Florian’s music had to be a symbol it wouldn’t be a square. It wouldn’t be something static. It would be something going forward. It would be a triangle. The press play button.

The result is a new aesthetic, but most importantly, a tailored new image for the young producer, created along with a custom made digital approach for his live DJ sets.

To find out more about the project check it out here: cyberschnaps.com

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  1. Well Done Agent !

    ViVa Picasso, may the time be with him.


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